Dial Test Indicator 800SM

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  • Range: +/-0.1x0.002mm
  • Repeatability: 0.0015mm

  • For high-precision measurements
  • High-contrast dial face, sealed with O-ring
  • Mineral glass viewing panel for best protection:
    • against cracking, scratching or damage caused by hot shavings
    • optimum resistance to solvents
  • Matt chrome-plated protective casing with three integrated dovetail guide rails
  • Shockproof measuring mechanism
  • Anti-magnetic model
  • Automatic adjustment to the contacting direction ensuring infallible readings
  • Ball bearing mounted double lever
  • Friction clutch overload protection
  • Package contains: case, instruction manual, spanner for changing the styli, stylus dia. @ 2 mm, mounting shaft 800a8
  • Measurement of concentricity, alignment, parallelism and flatness
  • Centering of bores and shafts
  • Parallel or perpendicular alignment of work pieces