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Dial Indicator Calibrator ICM100 IP

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  • With the Precimar ICM 100 IP, the testing of indicators and comparators has become automated and efficient. The simple, one-handed usability and the clever operating software make the Precimar ICM 100 IP the perfect measurement solution for inspection rooms, calibration labs, and routine series testing Never before has it been so efficient to measure indicators and comparators. With the Precimar ICM 100 IP, reduce measurement time by over 60% thanks to faster image processing, easy-to-use software, and simpler handling.
  • Convenient, tool-free and intuitive operation with just one hand
  • Highest-accuracy measurement through compliance with Abbe’s principle
  • Testing to international standards, including ASME/ANSI DIN, BS, JIS, VDI, GOST and NF.
  • High-performance USB 3.0 industrial camera with high image quality and wide dynamic range
  • Robust, industrial-grade LED ring light for measurements unaffected by ambient light
  • Ability to automatically measure digital indicators through direct reading of values -no cables required
  • Wide variety of possible test specimens up to 4 Inches / 100 mm – dial & digital indicators, comparators, test indicators
  • Pre-programmed measurement modules with pre-loaded nominal values and tolerances
  • Direct measurement range of 4 inches / 100 mm – no need to reposition the test specimen during testing
  • Inductive probes from various manufacturers can be tested (only in manual mode)
  • Precimar ICM 100 base device
  • Precimar IP 100 upgrade kit image processing
  • Software Precimar MSW V12
  • Software option Precimar ICM IP image processing
  • USB cable
  • Clamping 8 mm
  • Mount for dial test indicators
  • Mahr calibration certificate
  • Operating manual
  • Calibration of dial indicators, dial test indicator measuring devices and dial comparators
  • The Precimar MSW 100 software system controls the dial indicator test device, processes the camera image (pointer or numeric display of the test object) and the reference measuring values of the dial indicator test device, and also performs all the subsequent processes related to test equipment management.
  • The testing routine can be implemented based on DIN, VDI, DKD or DAkkS guidelines, various international standards, or based on the company’s internal specifications
  • Deviations between test objects are illustrated in a graph during testing.