Compact Form Measuring Machine MMQ200

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  • Compact form measuring machine for manufacturing workshops and inspection rooms
  • Proof of form and position deviations as per DINASO 1101
  • Fully automatic measuring sequences
  • Precision roundness measuring axis (C)
  • Motorized vertical measuring axis (2)
  • Motorized horizontal positioning axis 00
  • Manual centering and tilting table
  • T2OW manual length measuring probe or
  • T716/ motorized probe
  • Ergonomic control panel, can also be used to start select measuring programs (P1, P2, P3)
  • 22″ touchscreen UT monitor instead of the 24″ standard IF!
  • Roughness measurement and evaluation with MMQ 200/17W
  • MarWin Software, diameter evaluation
  • Various clamps
  • Probe arms of various lengths and with various stylus ball geometries
  • Various double probe arms
  • Various calibration standards
  • The MarForm MMQ 200 is available in two versions: As a measuring station with the universal measuring probe T20W and as a measuring station with the motorized measuring probe T7W, which takes automation another step forward with its unique motorization.
  • The MMQ 200 is operated with the EasyForm Software. It is controlled by means of touchscreen technology, which also makes operation with the mouse exceptionally easy.

Form measuring station with T2OW

  • MarForm MMQ 200 form tester
  • T20W length measuring probe, manual, with probe arm
  • EasyForm measuring and operating software
  • Intel-class PC, Windows 10
  • 24″ TFT monitor
  • Rim chuck 0 100 mm

Form measuring station with 17W

  • MarForm MMQ 200 form tester
  • T7W length measuring probe with probe arm
  • EasyForm measuring and operating software
  • Intel-class PC, Windows 10
  • 2e TFT monitor
  • Rim chuck 6 100 mm